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Let’s help Ukraine

pridal: SpKCH | dátum: 15. marca 2022 | kategória: Aktuálne správy

🇺🇦 Financial aid

We are helping people suffering from war conflict in Slovakia and Ukraine in cooperation with Caritas Ukraine in the form of accute assistance – providing them with food, medicine, medical supplies, accommodation and other basic necessities. (Transcarpathia and directly in areas of conflict)

You can donate:
1. Direct financial donation to Caritas Spiš for Helping Ukraine (with possibility of issuing the Deed of Gift)
Please contact financial manager: Katarina Cmorejova for personal guidance, projects@caritas.sk

Caritas Spiš account number specific for donations for Ukraine:

IBAN: SK22 8330 0000 0029 0209 2257
Variable symbol: 93020

2. Contribution to public collection announced by Caritas Slovakia for Ukraine People online:

🇺🇦 Humanitarian aid


– Juices (200 ml)
– Baby food (in a bag not in glass)
– Croissants
– Bunch of gasoline
– Electro central


– Flour
– Sugar
– Rice
– Oil
– Canned meat 

Contact persons

Border Coordinator: Tony Frič, +421 905 451 443, anton.fric@caritas.sk

Inland Coordinator: Viktor Porubsky, +421 901 909 089, viktor.porubsky@caritas.sk

DM Slovakia donated hygiene aids.

Charity house Pension Caritas ** has become a place of reference.

We thank the volunteers from Levoča for the material collection. 

Firefighters also made a collection for Ukraine.

Tatrasvit – We love your feet – again put his hand to a good work and supported the Ukrainians with warm socks. We thank Aletea – a Christian bookstore – for providing help