Please support urgent humanitarian and medicine aid to Ukraine

We are helping people suffering from the Ukrainian war conflict. We provide imediate relief and assistance for refugees in Slovakia and for internaly displaced people directly in Ukraine – food, medicine and medical supplies, accommodation and other basic necessities. 

How we help

• We purchase and organize convoys with food and most urgent humnanitarian aid and medication to the most affected areas of Ukraine
• We provide the necessary professionals – psychological support, social workers or childcare
• We provide food, toiletries, and basic necessities for families fleeing from the war to western Ukraine and Slovakia
• We operate a temporary accomodation centre for refugees in Slovakia
• We give comprehensive assistance in refugee integration centers in Slovakia – providing psycho-social support, food and basic material assistance, job-serching and legal advice, language classes, child care

Where the aid goes

• Emergency accommodation centers for refugees in Ukraine and Slovakia
Hospitals in Ukraine affected by a large influx od patients fleeing from the war
• Schools, parishes, cities and communities providing refuge to people fleeing the war 
• Integrated refugee assistance centersin Slovakia
• Temporary kindergartens for Ukrainian children

Help making an impact now

• We are directly on the ground – we have been at the border with Ukraine since the Day one to help people affected by the war and conitue ever since
• Our employees risk their health and life and personally distribute aid in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and other locations. They are experienced in international aid programs in war-affected countries (Iraq, Syria, Rwanda)
• We are part of the global Caritas Internationalis with dedicated and experienced people in the field in Slovakia and Ukraine
 Each of your donated euro is directly allocated for help – not even a single euro for administration
• We are in direct contact with specific hospitals in Ukraine – in the Transcarpathia and directly affected areas. We have operational experience in supplying hospitals with antibiotics, insulin, asthma drugs, cardiovascular diseases, immunosuppressive diseases, painkillers
• We deliver help in person directly to hospitals, schools, parishes, and refugee centers
• We purchase material at wholesale prices thanks to direct contacts with suppliers and our trusted Caritas brand


Caritas Spiš Slovakia account number specific for donations for Ukraine:

SK22 8330 0000 0029 0209 2257
Variable symbol: 93020 

(contact us for Gift of Deeds
or for project fuunding)


Donation advice. Please contact us, we shall provide you with personal guidance. Contact us, even if you would like to help in another way.

Aid coordinators

Central / Eeastern Ukraine:
• Tony Frič, +421 905 451 443,

Inland Slovakia and Transcarpathia (Western Ukraine):
• Viktor Porubsky
, +421 901 909 089,